Schumann, R. - Traumerei (2 Violins and Cello Trio)

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Robert Schumann (1810-1856) was a talented pianist, music critic, and composer. He married the pianist and composer Clara Wieck, and in his short life composed 4 Symphonies, numerous works for piano, and works for voice. This work, written in 1838, is one of his most well known pieces for piano. He described the inspiration for the Scenes from Childhood” in a letter to his wife as follows: “ I often seemed like a child to you – in short, I felt as if I were in pinafores again” ..I wrote thirty quaint little things, about twelve of which I have selected and called Scenes from Childhood”. This charming arrangement for a trio of 2 violins and cello is accessible to intermediate students, amateurs and professionals. The rhythm is a little complex, but the left hand work is all in first position.

Schumann R. - Traumerei (2 Violins And Cello Trio) Trios