Terms and Conditions

All of our music is available for instant download. For downloadable music, when you have purchased a selection or selections of sheet music, and your payment has been verified, you will then have immediate access to the pdf files relevant to your purchase. Other than the cost of the purchase of the pdf (sheet music) file there are no additional fees (for download-only sheet music). In the event that you, the customer, fail to successfully download your purchased files, Sheet Music 4 Strings shall, within the earliest opportunity (generally, within 24 hours) email you the file (or otherwise make the file electronically available to you for a finite period of time). 
Return/Refund Policy 
All sales of the downloadable sheet music that Sheet Music 4 Strings offers are final. All sheet music that we sell is available for your perusal on our site. In purchasing these files, you are recieving pdf files of the music you have selected from our site. Of course, in a case of a missing/damaged file, you will be offered a replacement file, generally within 24 hours of your purchase.