Reinhold Gliere

Gliere was an interesting character. He was born in Kiev, in the mid 1800's, which at that time was part of the Russian Empire. He taught both Prokofiev and Koussevitzky and later also taught at the Moscow Conservatory.  After 1917, Gliere never visited western Europe, but rather stayed in Russia for the rest of his life. He purposely wrote nationalistic music that was pleasing to Stalin, so stayed in favor with the powerful, unlike Shostakovich and others. He is most known for his "Russian Sailor's Dance" that many of us probably played in string orchestra in high school, but he wrote many other beautiful works including ballets, film music, operas, symphonies, and concertos. As far as chamber music, he wrote duos for violin and cello, 2 violins,  and 2 cellos.

So far I have published the Op. 39 duos for violin and cello, arranged for violin and viola,, the same work arranged for two violins, and Duet No. 7, Op. 53 (originally for two celi) arranged for two violins. Enjoy!

 Here is the link to the Gliere scores.

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